Portraiture for every event

Our portrait stations capture your guests at their best. Add a splash of spectacular by opting for portrait stations manned by professional photographers that add a sense of wow to every event.

How is a portrait station different from a photo booth?

A photobooth is operated by the user, no photographer required. By bringing the artist back into the process of capturing your guests, our portrait stations are more than a fancy selfie—we aim to capture your guests as the person they are. 

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Awesome! How do I book?

Booking with Portraits by Tell is easy. Get in contact with Geoff by using our contact page.

$999 - three hours sequential
$300/hour additional
$100/hour on site hold

Printing options

4x6 included, multiple prints available as time allows

Guestbook option - $700

We make your guestbook a special experience for you and your guests alike. Parchment notes written by your guests are photographed on site, and matched with their photos in a beautiful reading experience. Our package includes a packaged Matte finish magazine, with book options available.

Magazine included
Lay flat book available at $650

Creative Options



I use your venue as my background whenever possible. I love working with decorators to build sets, but lighting can achieve plenty of different results, even without a set piece. Let's chat about what works for your event!



Our portrait stations employ a big, soft look that wraps around you and your guests. That said, for a dramatic air or something a little punchy, we can make special arrangements to bring something a little different to your party. Contact us about custom lighting for your event.