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My philosophy is simple:

I seek beauty in unguarded moments.

Real and raw moments—the look in everyone’s eyes when you walk down the aisle, the wide smiles as everyone listens to an embarrassing story told by your best friend. I choose natural beauty over stock “poses." It’s your wedding day, not your photo shoot day, and I want your personalities to shine through in every photo. I'm the kind of wedding photographer who capture memories for the rest of your life, not just for Facebook.


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How I work

Being a wedding photographer is about more than just bringing the camera. 

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Almost three months after our wedding, I ran into an old friend. She did not attend the wedding, and I had not seen her for over five years. The first thing she says to me: ‘I LOVED your wedding photos!’
— Alex 23.07.15
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Grins, tears, kisses. Explore my work