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Get in contact with me via the form, or by emailing me at geoff [at] You can also reach me by phone at 604.999.9597.

Rapid Fire:

Coffee or Tea?

Tea at the moment, but I’m a switch hitter.

Beer or Wine?

Beer, wine with dinner.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

A night owl who will happy wake up to shoot at dawn (followed by a nap).

Last book you read?

Seven brief lessons on Physics, Carlo Rovelli

Puppies or Kittens?


Last song that was stuck in your head?

Ob La Di, Ob La Da - The Beatles

Favourite summer activity?


Favourite winter activity?


What do you do when you’re not taking photos?

I spend a lot of time consuming culture, whether that be reading books and magazines, watching the latest TV creation, or browsing through Instagram. I love to get outside, be active and to spend time with my people. I also mix sound for Side One, check them out!






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