An Icelandic Saga with Alicja and Arnthor

"Hey, what are you doing in Denmark? Want to come to Iceland instead?"

That was the text Cole Roberts from Nordica Photography sent me just two weeks before this incredible wedding.

Alicja and Arnthor were wedding in a little church with a red roof on Oct 7, 2017. The day started off misty and moody, typically Icelandic. The rain falling, Cole and I endeavoured out to capture the scenery and see the surrounding countryside, before returning for breakfast with the guests.

Arnthor is from Iceland, and Alicja has moved all around the world, but it was in Vancouver, my home, where the two first met. It was at a little bar in gastown, and the two were entranced with each other enough to continue to keep in touch via Snapchat for months and months, Arnthor sharing the wonders of Iceland, until Alicja finally got on a plane. Arnthor gave her the local’s tour of the island, and they fell hopelessly in love. So, props to Snapchat for that one.

The rain still coming down, Alicja and Arnthor prepared for their ceremony with their closest people. They were married in an iconic Icelandic church nearby. The place was so packed, neither of Cole or I could move, and guests stood in the aisle. Talk about love overflowing.

We exited the church to a cloudy haze of weather. But as we piled into the car, the sun started to crest from below the clouds. And as we drove down the empty highway, it emerged from the clouds to bless this wedding day. I couldn’t have been happier.

It turns out the Icelanders can party with the rest of them, too.

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