Strangers Walking By

I love meeting new people. It’s a big part of being a photographer who works in events, and especially weddings—you meet new people every time you are shooting, and it’s much more fun to make friends and connect with those people, rather than treating each wedding as just another job.

So I wanted to expand that from my work, to my neighbourhood. Vancouver can be an insular place—a place where you might not really now your neighbours. I believe anything you can do to break those barriers down is good, and so I set up my portrait station on my front lawn.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Melissa from Cahoots Creative ( Cahoots is one of my favourite decor companies in Vancouver, and they didn’t disappoint with a gorgeous couch, throw, pillow and other accents. Erin from Filosophi events ( topped it off with her ever present eye for great style and a few personal items to round out the vignette. I couldn’t have done it without these two!