Apple Orchard Wedding in Okanagan Valley, Canada | Jesse+Ashley

Vows don’t make me cry. I attend at least 20 weddings every year, and years of exposure therapy have left me immune to all of your attempts to tug at my heart strings. It’s fine, they aren’t about me.

But Jesse’s vows got me.

Jesse and Ashley have been through tough times. They’ve battled illness together that no one should have to go through, while making it through school and those tumultuous early years of getting your life together. You’re mostly here for the pictures, so I’ll just say that in short, they’ve fought through more trouble than most couples ever go through, and they aren’t even old enough to claim they’re in their mid-twenties. 

So it’s sort of an understatement saying that these two are really, really in love with each other.

Jesse and Ashley were married on Sep 2, 2017 on a beautiful orchard overlooking the Okanagan valley. Their wedding was a labour of love. And I mean that literally, I met Jesse the day before while he was mowing the site. Both family and friends came together to host this beautiful event, in a beautiful place. It was one of my favourite weddings this year, and I couldn’t be happier to share these images.


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