Bradner Hall Wedding Aldergrove Regional Park Ceremony - Trinda+Brock

Ugh, another beautiful couple. Life is hard that way sometimes. But the love between these two is undeniable, electric. And Trinda and Brock exude self-confidence. Rarely do I see such charisma in front of the lens. Most people are not used to being photographed for hours and hours, let alone being photographed while getting cuddly with their partner. But Brock and Trinda were naturals, moving to the beat of the shutter. Meandering through Willbend Creek Park for their wedding portraits made for great moments, and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting these two with Ben.

The setting for the special moment was Aldergrove Regional Park. In front or their family, friends and church, Trinda walked down the aisle, and without so much as a word from their officiant, planted one right on Brock's lips! Not conventional, but certainly adorable. They went on to said I do and receive communion together as the sun cut through mottled clouds.

Oh, and the party was great. I'll let the pictures speak for the dance moves.