Zaklan Heritage Farm wedding - Courtney+Bob

Family matters to most people. Sometimes that family comes with a mother, father and children. But some families are larger than that, more varied, more colourful. Bob and Courtney have courted that kind of family, where friends become so close the distinction is no longer functional. So it was incredible to get to be the wedding photographer that watched this family come together to make this day.

Hosted on Zaklan Heritage Farm, a small plot of land right in the middle of Surrey where Courtney volunteers her time on the weekends, that family came together to make this Vancouver wedding in Surrey something special. Flowers came from the garden. Sharply dressed family herded guests, poured drinks, moved food, decorations, chairs, speakers and flowers, all while keeping Bob and Courtney calm and collected. 

It is a great thing to watch people come together under any circumstances. But this wedding was about more than just the union of two people. It was the union of a larger family, coming together.