Natural and cruelty-free beauty? Jacqueline Parker talks about making the switch with Beauty Reawakened

Jacqueline Parker is a Vancouver based Makeup artist and stylist, specializing in natural beauty products. Her style has garnered the attention of those looking for something a little different, and she never fails to disappoint. I sat down with her at Beauty Reawakened's East Vancouver Studio.


Let's start off with an easy one. Tell me how you got started, and a little about what you do?

Well I started in the beauty industry about seven years ago. I moved to New York City to pursue a career in the fashion industry, and when I was there I started exploring a more natural, holistic lifestyle and I realized that natural products were more in alignment with my own lifestyle.

I define myself as a holistic makeup artist. I style hair and make up for weddings and for head shots for actors and actresses in the city. I also work on short films and I really love to work with small businesses and conscious businesses in Vancouver.

I also co-founded the Green Beauty Collective alongside Amanda Gangoso, we do workshops and classes to educate women on natural beauty and I have a small by-appointment store in East Vancouver where I sell all my natural beauty products.


Tell me how that makes you different from other makeup artists?

I care more about how the client feels about the way they look than how society dictates they look. I take what already makes woman beautiful and just enhance it. But at the end of the day I really care about empowering women and just making them feel beautiful so I try and make it a really positive comfortable and healthy experience for my clients.


So give me a little bit more detail about how do you achieve that?

I use exclusively cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free brands and all of my products are toxin-free. There are no added petrochemicals, no added fragrances, colors, dyes or any fillers, or anything that's going to give someone an allergic reaction or that can be a potential carcinogen. I've also tested out many different products to make sure the products I use actually work—especially for brides as it has to last the whole day. You’re going to be taking pictures, eating, kissing and dancing and so it still has to hold up the same way as any conventional product.


This is a wedding blog, so I have to ask: why weddings?

There’s something really cool about being with a bride from the start of the day and showing up when she wakes up and she's all giddy and excited but also a little bit nervous. It’s really nice to be able to be with my brides and just prep them for their day and make them feel really comfortable and make them feel really good about themselves, that makes me feel really good going into the rest of my day.


What should people look for in a makeup artist?

I think personality is huge. You definitely want to have a conversation with your makeup artist beforehand because you need to feel comfortable them. You also want to take a look at their portfolio and it totally depends what look you're going for. You would never want to book a makeup artist that you look at their work and you think "I don't think I could ever wear my makeup like that or or that's too intense for me or that application is too light for me." So it's a very personal experience and you want to make sure that you're working with someone whose style matches your own personal style.

And so tell me you know what are your clients like. What kind of people are they?

I tend to work with two kinds of people. The first are those who typically don’t wear a lot of makeup. They might have sensitivities or allergies and they maybe don't know how to apply makeup or they may be afraid to apply their own makeup. I work with those clients to ease them into makeup application and these clients typically have a more natural makeup look in mind.

The other people that I tend to work with is someone who is living in a more natural holistic lifestyle and they are already know about clean beauty products. They care about what they're putting on their skin and what you know they're also using in their family dynamic and in their home. So they are seeking out that more natural option or a vegan, cruelty-free option.


So tell me why you love what you do.

I love what I do because not only do I get to use my skills and education to help women look beautiful but I also get to help them feel beautiful and inspire them to really take control of their buying choices and to take control of their own. I also really love what I do because as an entrepreneur I get to create my own schedule so it gives me more free time to do things that I love.


Awesome. And so with a little extra spare time, or maybe more flexible spare time is a better term, what is it you like to do?

I am a trained dancer and so you can always find me dancing, whether that's hula hooping on the beach or dancing at a bar with my friends. I am just constantly in motion.

I also have a huge passion for skiing and being out in the mountains and out in the woods. I love to go for nature walks and hikes and I love to be with animals. I'm a foodie so I love going out to eat. I love cooking and baking and I just I love spending time at my home because it's nice and cozy and warm.

Connect with Jacqueline by following @beautyreawakened and @thegreenbeautycollective on Instagram or Facebook. Check out her blog for tips on natural skin care and artistry here.